About Sooner Home Health Care

We know how difficult it is to devote the proper care and attention to your loved ones who may need special care following an accident or illness. Home is the most desirable and effective place for recuperation. Let Sooner Home Health Care bring our quality care right to your door-where and when you need it most.

Sooner Home Health Care values quality of services above all else. Our commitment to patients is visible through our Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Social Workers, Licensed Practical Nurses and Home Health Aides. Each staff member is eager to provide the best possible Home Health Care Services.

Sooner Home Health Care's employs compassionate and highly skilled professionals who listen to patients' needs. They are trained to manage physical, psychological, and emotional barriers to recovery. Educate patients and families about their disease state, prevention, and treatment. Our goals are to help each patient regain their independence and maintain a healthy and positive quality of life.

Sooner Home Health Care is a productive, well managed and motivated organization with able people, high standards and a consistent level of achievement.

For more information about Sooner Home Health Care or home health care in general, just call 866-676-1589. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.